Secure Communication

uSignIn chat features ZERO messaging storage. We don't store your chat communication in a database. It all disappear when you close the app. All communications are encrypted with end-to-end Dynamic PKI, where the public and private keys that do the encrypting and decrypting constantly changes for every message. In simple terms, NO ONE CAN READ your communications, not even uSignIn.

uSignIn email features hacking prevention and spam detection to keep you safe from cybercriminals who are looking to steal your confidential information, like credit cards and sensitive email communications. uSignIn email is the only email system out there today that protects you from cybercriminals.

Spam Assassin

Eliminates spams and phishing emails. Using a neural network of spam filters, Spam Assassin targets spam and phishing emails. You decide which email to enter your Inbox.

Blocked Senders

Hackers are taking a new approach to send you spam and phishing eamils using GMail,, Yahoo Mail, and many others. uSignIn email platform allows you to block those senders with just a click.

Private Email

Send email to anyone with 100% encryption. Your recipient receives an encrypted email where they will click on a link to read the email. With one-time-read set, once they finish reading the email, it disappears!

Chat Privately

Send private text, audio, and video messages with auto disappearing. Once the recipient reads it, it can disappear!

Absolutely No Chat History

uSignIn Chat does not store your chat communication. All communications are encrypted with end-to-end dynamic PKI. After you close the app, it all disappears!

Unlimited File Size

Send email or post files with unlimited file size! There is no restriction!